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Volunteer comes forward with hack for VS on Vista

The other day I posted about the release of Visual Studio SP1 for Vista and noted:

"Shame that it hasn't fixed the single most annoying thing about VS on Vista - clicking a .sln file does nothing. Nada. Anybody got a hack for this yet?"

Back in January I attended a Vista Compatibility workshop hosted by the legendary David Allen and we spent a little while trying to get this to work. We realised that the problem lay with the Visual Studio Version Selector but we didn't want to take the course to far off, err, course and abandoned it. Luckily for us (and you), Mehran (does this guy hold the world record for most Microsoft qualifications?) saw the post and he offered a simple solution in his comment:

'... so I had to associate the ".sln" extension with "devenv.exe" manually (via "Open With").'

Simple solution but it does mean that the version selector won't open VS 2003 projects in the appropriate IDE. Wait a minute - I don't have VS 2003 installed and, last I heard, it doesn't work at all well on Vista. So I suspect we just don't need it. So I've followed Mehran's advice and all is happy. Cheers :)

If you want to do this manually in Vista you might be in for a shock. The Folder Options (Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options[1]) dialog no longer shows file types.

Folder Options on Vista

In Vista you have to use the Default Programs part of the control panel to do this (Control Panel < Programs > Default Programs > Set Associations).

File Associations on Vista

Or you could just do it the easy way and use Open With...

[1] If you can't see the Tools menu in your Windows Explorer, just press Alt.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
12:05 PM
14 Mar 2007

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