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Validator Module on Computerzen.com

Scott Hanselman has just called out our Validator Module for ASP.NET on his blog. Thanks Scott!

At the end of the post he asks "is it better to look good (render correctly) or feel good (be XHTML)?".

I think it's more important to look good but XHTML can really help you on the way there. One of the key reasons I use XHTML is that it makes sure that my html is well formed.

Badly formed HTML is the main cause of weirdly behaving HTML.

So if your site's layout has a case of the gremlins and you're not sure why - check that it's well formed.

It can even make your application misbehave; I once had a bug where an ImageButton just wouldn't postback. Why? Because some of my HTML output had slipped and was no longer well formed. The malformed HTML meant that the ImageButton (which becomes an <input type="submit" />) didn't belong to a form element - so it couldn't submit. Valid XHTML would have seen this off at the start.

Furthermore XHTML will help future proof your site. Something you could be grateful for with the imminent release of IE7 which has cleaned up its act.

And to cap all that, XHTML will help make your site more accessible. As Scott says, there really is no excuse.


Josh Post By Josh Twist
11:14 PM
30 Mar 2006

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Posted by Mike Gale @ 09 Apr 2006 1:35 PM
Like you I've always believed in well formed markup. Partly because I think things should always be done right and partly to futureproof and avoid maintenance.

I have been looking at a variety of sites recently. (Using an interface to an unmanaged DLL that runs a custom validator.) There are very few web pages that are completely well formed and many that are horrors.

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