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Two assemblies into one does go

Now that I'm going to be using my new PropertyListView control so much, I'm going to lose the joy of having many of my little WinApps self contained. You know, just a single exe with no dependencies (other than the framework) so it's really easy to distribute and move around. I often have to copy these tiny apps from machine to machine using a USB key, so being able to simply drag, drop and fling on to a desktop is real handy.

However, there is a relatively easy solution using ILMerge. This funky little download from MS allows you to combine multiple assemblies into a single assembly.

Just download, install and add the following to your projects Post-Build Event:

"c:\program files\microsoft\ilmerge\ilmerge.exe" /out:"$(TargetDir)MyMergedApp.exe" "$(TargetPath)" "$(TargetDir)TheJoyOfCode.Windows.Forms.PropertyListView.dll"

This will merge the PropertyListView assembly into your project's output creating a new file called MyMergedApp.exe (which can be changed to suit).

Tags: .NET

Josh Post By Josh Twist
12:13 AM
25 Jul 2006

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