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The twelve days of ZUMO

It's been a great year for the Mobile Services team. 2012 was the year that most of the team that built the product joined (the project was only conceived in late 2011 and there were very few members of the team at that point) and we shipped our first public preview in August. Since then we've been adding more and more feature and more locations on a regular basis.

Just today, Scott blogged about the addition of a serious new feature in our scheduler which allows you to setup CRON jobs to run server scripts AND we added a european datacenter to our available locations.

To celebrate this, and the fact that we made it through the end of the world OK (21 Dec 2012, or at least it seems so far) I wanted to start a series of blog posts. And the series should have a festive theme to see us out for the year. So with that, let's begin the twelve days of ZUMO:


Day 1: Small but great enhancements to the data browser

Day 2: It’s time for CRON

Day 3: Filter this

Day 4: Getting started with the CLI and backing up your scripts

Day 5: More CLI and changing your Mobile Services workflow

Day 6: A Mobile Services Log Watcher

Day 7: Unit testing Mobile Services scripts

Day 8: Generating your own ZUMO auth token

Day 9: Fetching a basic user profile in Mobile Services

Day 10: Setting the auth token in the Mobile Services client and caching the user’s identity

Day 11: Handling expired tokens in your application

Day 12: Exploring custom identity in Mobile Services

Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:23 AM
22 Dec 2012

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