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The Navman F20 Satellite Navigation Device

I realise I'm going a little off-road with this post (oh, how I make myself laugh) and that this firmly fits in our 'other' category but I'm just so delighted I had to share my find with you.

Recently, my beloved car got broken into and the pilferers took my Tom Tom 510 SatNav that was hidden away in one of the compartments (apparently the sucker marks on the window were enough to give the game away).

I had to buy a replacement at pretty short notice (I'm useless driving to clients without it!) and quite arbitrarily picked up the budget Navman F20 for just over £100 at Costco.

Navman F20

Admittedly it doesn't have any of the multimedia features such as the mp3 player and the bluetooth phone integration that my Tom Tom 510 sported but I never used any of these features anyway.

Furthermore, as a navigation device the Navman F20 is a huge improvement. The screen is smaller but the graphics MUCH clearer. The verbal instructions are better and it's easier to use. What a bargain!

And just in case any would-be thieves are reading this, the main unit is small and light enough to take with me!


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Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:45 PM
07 Jun 2007

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