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The Difference between GAT and GAX

When I first started playing with Software Factories, I was kind of confused by these two things called GAX and GAT and why I needed both to get started

Luckily, I got to find out about them on my recent visit to the Patterns & Practices team.

Josh breaks into the Patterns & Practices offices

It turns out you don't need both at all. D'oh.

Guidance Automation eXtensions

Visual Studio is extremely extensible. And it is this extensiblity that the P&P team leverage to create their software factories. However, Visual Studio extensibility is also nothing short of rocket science on occasions, which is why they decided to wrap the necessary extension points they needed with an add-in that exposed a much easier to use API. GAX was born.

Guidance Automation Toolkit

All the Software Factories, from the Smart Client Software Factory to the Web Services Software Factory are built atop the GAX. Given that these Software Factories, or Guidance Packages are themselves full of repeatable patterns, it makes sense that you have a Software Factory Factory. Right? Well that's exactly what GAT, the Guidance Automation Toolkit, is and as such it's also built atop of the GAX.

Easy peasy. Stay tuned for more on factories.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
9:35 AM
08 May 2007

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