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Scripting Wake On Lan

I mentioned recently about wantint to be able to wake up various machines in my house remotely. My colleague introduced me to AutoExit for Windows Home Server which works a treat. However, logging onto the Windows Home Server console is a bit, well, slow.

So, now that I do quite a bit of remote desktop to my development machine I want a quicker, easier way of waking it up.

The solution was a .bat file that uses the very handy WoLCmd command line executable from www.depicus.com. There's also a GUI, an ASP and a COM version. Very handy.

They even provide the .NET source to Wake-on-Lan yourself here.

Anyway, I simply botched a bat file together next to my downloaded copy of WolCmd and created a shortcut to the batch file on my desktop. Here's the script:

echo on


Josh Post By Josh Twist
2:13 AM
30 Jun 2009

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