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Scott Guthrie hits the Sweetspot again

fitting image I always try to read the Microsoft Architecture Journal and deliberately trap myself into long journeys with nothing else to read so I *have* to read it. The problem is that it's so darn inaccessible - I'm sure the editors run the copy through some kind of obfuscator before going to print.

Here's a randomly selected sentence from this month's edition:

"Process is also important to other areas of composition within the boundaries of the composition, like user interface and service mentioned above, but use of process in those cases is distinct from this case."

Fortunately, this month there was an interview with Microsoft's legendary Scott Guthrie and I felt an absolute resonance with most of the piece.

"I think there's also value in doing a prototype phase even before you get to production code. That's one of the successful things that we did with ASP.NET. we said that we're going to throw it away. We're going to 'deltree' this subdirectory at some point, and that way we can be more adventrous about trying new things. We don't have to worry about making sure that everything's robust because it's going to be in the final version."

He continues later...

"Everytime you work on a project, if you rewrite anything, whether it's from scratch or not, the code gets better. Partly it's because you understand the problems and pitfalls of the last approach and can reflect and improve on it. The challenge is that you can't easily do that time and time again. But when you're first starting out on a project or a brand-new area where it isn't clear how you get from point A to the finished product, having a dedicated period where you prototype and try things out is supervaluable."

Here here. I've always believed in a disposable discovery period in any project and I prefer to do this before I start any formal specification. It's all part of the evolution of the concept for me. I need this familiarisation before I can appreciate the constraints and possibilities, which you want to understand early. It's also one of the most enjoyable periods in a project because I get to push myself and really learn about the problem space.

MS Architecture Journal PS The architecture journal is free - for a real paper version - so why not subscribe and see if you can make more sense of most of it than I can.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
12:01 AM
26 Jan 2007

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Posted by Tony @ 03 Feb 2007 8:02 AM
"I'm sure the editors run the copy through some kind of obfuscator before going to print." - lol, thought it was just me that thought that!

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