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RRAD makes me feel ill

I've just done some RRAD. Yup, you know, Real Rapid Application Development. The kind where you're sick of performing the same mundane task and you decide to throw together a quick-as-you-can windows forms application to make life a little easier.

And it's truly horrible. Everything is in one class (the form) and it's full of ADO.NET calls and embedded SQL and worse, but thats OK because It's just for me and I'll never need to touch it again. Oh, except wouldn't it be cool if it could do this, oh and maybe that too. Yeah, that'll be pretty easy to add to my four hundred line Form_Load method. Sure...

The app is now a living monument to bad practice (maybe I'll put that in the About dialog). Writing code like this now makes me feel ill, I genuinely feel nauseous! But maybe that's just nerves in case my neighbour sees it and asks for a copy.

Have a good weekend.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
8:58 AM
07 Jul 2006

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Posted by Mike Gale @ 10 Jul 2006 2:31 PM
If the need arises this looks like a good place to test out refactoring tools!

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