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Project Liike

Pronounced LEEE-keh, project Liike is the latest set of guidance from Microsoft’s Patterns & Practices team. Here’s an outline in their own words:

“Project Liike is an effort to produce guidance that helps organizations build mobile web applications for modern browsers. There are countless devices available today and all indications suggest this number is only going to grow, without convergence. The factors to help choose between native apps and web apps are fairly well-known. Those who choose the web face numerous decisions and challenges based on their requirements. This project aims to help.”

The project is just starting up and they’ve identified a number of scenarios they _could_ target. They need your help to work out which is the most important. So, your action here is to read through these:

And then hit Like (get it?) on the one you think is most important.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
6:17 PM
31 Oct 2011

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