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PowerShell saves the day again

I recently posted the night PowerShell saved my music library. Well, he saved the day again last week.

Whilst carrying my laptop to the coffee shop at Microsoft's Offices in Reading, I accidentally managed to start 63 instances of the excellent TcpTrace application.

Yup, 63! No idea how.

Worst thing was, this application starts with a modal dialog so I couldn't even close group on the taskbar.

63 TcpTrace applications

And you can't multi-select in the task manager to kill multiple processes. You can't even do this in the fantastic Process Explorer.

Time for Powershell

Needless to say, PowerShell made mince-meat of 'em.

First of all, I used the get-process cmdlet to look at all the processes:

Then I applied a filter to ensure I only had the tcpTrace processes

        get-process tcptrace
Easy. Now I just pipe this to a foreach and Kill() those processes.

        get-process tcptrace | foreach { $_.Kill() }

All gone! Hoorah.

Later I found the stop-process cmdlet which could have done this in one easy move:

    stop-process tcptrace

If you want to try this yourself, why not get Powershell to start 63 applications for you!

        for ($i=0; $i -ile 63; $i++) { c:\tools\tcptrace\tcptrace.exe }

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
6:44 AM
21 Sep 2007

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