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Open Containing Folder

Jon Galloway posts about opening a file in explorer from within another app. He even offers a little code snippet so you can add such functionality to your own apps. Nice.

He highlights the "Open Containing Folder" functionality in Visual Studio 2005...

Open Containing Folder

I use this feature a lot but what I still don't get is why they added this to the context menu of the tabs but not to the context menu of the solution explorer?

Fortunately you can add this functionality to VS2005 by installing the excellent (and free) Cool Commands from Gaston Milano. It does much more than add an open containg folder to the solution explorer too - check it out.

Open Container Folder from CoolCommands

I initially had trouble installing CoolCommands using the msi on Vista but it worked fine when I launched it from an elevated (Run as administrator) command prompt using msiexec.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
4:07 AM
27 Jan 2007

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