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NxtGenUG Southampton: Databinding, Databinding, Databinding

I was lucky enough to be invited back by the folks at NxtGenUG, this time for their December meeting in Southampton. It was a real pleasure to meet you all - thanks again. As promised, here's the follow up blog post with the demos and slides from the event.

I've tidied things up a little and automated the reskinning for you (since I can't be there personally to show your bosses - unless you hire an ADC of course. Plug over. Promise.)

This is the application as it starts - it should be familiar to you (and anybody who followed the 10 reasons you should consider WPF for your next desktop application series a year ago):


Just click the "Load new 'skin'" button. The word skin is in quotes because the different Xaml is now actually contained in a separate user control that just replaces the window's content when you click the button.

New 'skin'

Arguably not the most original UI - but you get the idea :)

Note that when the new skin loads we make no changes to the ViewModel or the Window's DataContext - so the application's state remains intact. Neat.

Of course, even though I've tidied things up a smidge, this is still demoware! As always, your own mileage may vary. Enough with the disclaimers - here's the code:

For all my previous posts on WPF you can check out the WPF Category. Cheers!

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
8:37 AM
13 Dec 2008

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