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Not in the spec Not in the product

I once worked for a company where the users could change the colour of UI. Pink was my favourite ;)

Unsurprisingly, it turned out that a developer had clearly added this feature out of boredom. A while back Josh posted about flexibility where it isn't needed and this is a rather extreme example: honestly, no customer had asked to be able to change the colour of the form to pink!!

However, a lot of developers still tend to add little cool features which they think are going to be great for the customers.

If it's not in the spec, it shouldn't be in the product

Full stop! Everyone of these seemingly harmless features will delay the project and hence delay the time before the project can bring value to your customers. Lets be honest - the reason these featurelets are added is because they are more interesting to develop than the task you are currently working on. If you really want to play around, you should do it in your own time.

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Bruusi Post By Bruusi
6:58 AM
02 Aug 2006

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