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New features in IIS7

Scott Guthrie recently posted about some cool new features coming in IIS7. I'm particularly excited about this one:

The ability to now have HttpModules and HttpHandlers participate in all requests to a server. You no longer need to map requests to the ASP.NET ISAPI in order to write managed modules that participate in requests. This makes building modules for flexible authentication, authorization, logging, url-rewriting, auditing, etc. super easy with .NET. You could even now have an ASP.NET HttpModule provide forms-authentication to a PHP or JSP page (in addition to .htm files and static files like images and movies)."

Hopefully, this will mean we can create a new version of our Validator Module that will work with any type of page served by IIS - from plain old HTML to PHP.

Very cool!


Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:27 PM
26 Apr 2006

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