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Minor foibles with my computing life

PCMCIA cards

Does anybody understand the mechanism by which PCMCIA cards lock and eject from your laptop?

Ejecting is pretty easy most of the time, just press the little buttons and your card pops out. But putting the things back?? I push the card in and out pops the button, so I push the button in and out pops the card. I go through several iterations of this before I get the balance just right.

USB Connectors

I'd love to meet the man who invented the USB concept, as I've said before, I think USB is great. After meeting him though, I'd like to meet his friend who invented the Type A connector, and beat him with a shoe.

Type A USB connection

Not once have I managed to plug in this type of USB connector first time. It offers no affordance as to which way up the damn thing has to go, whereas all the other (notably less common) connector types aren't rotationally symmetrical, including the mini-connectors (that plug into your phone, for example) and the fat type B (the one in the back of your printer).

Print Dialog

Why can't I view a print preview from the main print dialog?

Standard Print Dialog

How else can I preview what printing just the 'selection' will look like? It seems I can have either a print preview dialog or a print dialog. I've wasted a lot of paper trying to print selected areas of documents and web pages. Thank heavens for the new 'Send to OneNote 2007' option which I can at last use as a Print Preview.

Send to OneNote 2007

This is especially useful when you're playing with Print functionality in WPF and want to save some paper :)

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
2:59 AM
12 Feb 2007

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Posted by Ekus @ 20 Jan 2009 4:30 AM
Not being a native English speaker I may have missed the jokes, but if you are serious about these problems, I have two pieces of advice for you and you readers.

PCMCIA release button must be pressed in fully BEFORE inserting a card. It does not pop up by itself unless it's broken.
As for USB - the "top" side of the plug has that USB tree/trident logo. It should be facing up in most computers, and in other hardware you can learn which way it considers "up". On non-black plugs I like to paint the logo with red marker for better visibility, and I agree about the shape in general. Can't get it right when reaching under the desk and behind the PC. OTOH I know people (including self) who managed to plug in VGA connector upside-down.

Thanks for the great blog, I've just read your "10 reasons for WPF" in one sitting!

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