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Microsoft Tag in slightly less cool than I thought Shocker

... still pretty cool though.

Apologies for the error in my last post on Microsoft Tag.

"I was blown away by how much data had been tucked away in that little tag!"

Ahem. Yes, it turns out that the data itself isn't embedded in the tag. I became suspicious when I counted the number of 'bits' available in the tag and couldn't fathom how it was embedding soooo much data. And then a colleague pointed out the error in my understanding.

The big clue was in the FAQ:

Q. How does Microsoft Tag work?
The Microsoft Tag Reader uses your mobile phone’s camera to capture a Tag. On some phones, you merely need to aim your camera at the Tag. On other phones, you’ll aim and then click. The Tag is decoded, and the action associated with the Tag, such as opening your phone’s browser and displaying a specific web page, takes place. Microsoft Tag requires an Internet connection to work, and normal data charges apply.

Oops. Still pretty cool though.

It also explains why they have an end date and how, as the same colleague showed me, you can generate a report showing how many times it's been accessed.

Great for geo-cachers though, surely?

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
9:06 AM
02 Apr 2009

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