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Microsoft Tag

UPDATE: Microsoft Tag in slightly less cool than I though Shocker!

The idea of reading a 'bar code' using your camera phone isn't entirely new, but the capabilities of Microsoft Tag blew me away when I saw a colleague had embedded their contact details into a tag itself that he used in the signature of his e-mail.

I simply pointed my phone (with the Tag Reader software installed) at the e-mail on-screen and Zap!, it prompted "Would you like to save Mr. Bloggs?". So I did and I was blown away by how much data had been tucked away in that little tag!

In case you missed the announcement, here's the blurb from http://www.microsoft.com/tag/content/what/:

"Microsoft Tag creates unlimited possibilities for making interactive communications an instant, entertaining part of life. They transform physical media (print advertising, billboards, product packages, information signs, in-store merchandising, or even video images)—into live links for accessing information and entertainment online.

With the Microsoft Tag application, just aim your camera phone at a Tag and instantly access mobile content, videos, music, contact information, maps, social networks, promotions, and more. Nothing to type, no browsers to launch!"

Here's two to get you started.


Microsoft Tag

They don't need to be as big as this - it's just the black box you need.

Remember, to get this working you need to install the software for your phone from http://gettag.mobi. Best of all - it's not just for Windows Mobile either.


Microsoft Tag

I've limited the data in this one to protect my privacy ;)

Other uses

The uses for this have to be endless... for starters:
  • Yell.com should have one against every entry in their directory. Zap!
  • If you have inventory (assets) you could embed much more than just a reference like you would with a bar-code, you could embed the actual serial number, model number, date of purchase... heaps of stuff! Better still you could read it from any phone! Zap!
  • I'm sure you can imagine many more.. Zap!
To create your own tags get on over to http://tag.microsoft.com/

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
12:29 PM
31 Mar 2009

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Posted by Ismail Mayat @ 01 Apr 2009 2:13 AM

I am going to have this fun with this. Many thanks for the heads up.

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