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Microsoft Office Groove 2007

We're currently embracing the trendily monikered Microsoft Groove 2007 software in my team for all kind of things and it works pretty well as a means for team collaboration.

If you're not familiar with Groove, the basic premise is that it allows you to invite colleagues (from different organizations if you like) to collaborate in workspaces that are shared over a 'private' P2P network. It's ideal when multiple people are working on (or reviewing) a document/presentation/book, especially as the files are stored locally meaning you can work offline.

Check out the Groove overview over on the office website.

I've even found some great uses for it that aren't collaborative. I tend to have a number of blog posts on the go at any one time and mostly work on them on the train (like right now) using my laptop. Sometimes though, I prefer to use my desktop machine at home. So how do I keep the two in sync? Yup, Groove. It's easy enough to setup too. I basically created a folder called Posts and told Groove to synchronise it. I then sent an invitation to my other machine (a .grv file) and the two computers will synchronise the contents of the folder whenever they're both on-line.

I've found another use too. When browsing the web on my desktop I'll find a page that I don't have time to read, so I save it as a .mht to my ToRead folder which is also set to synchronise with my laptop. Web Archives (.mht files) contain the images, styles and content of a web page so I can browse the contents of my ToRead folder offline on my laptop on the train/plane (yes, I do a lot of travel).

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
11:14 AM
14 Feb 2007

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