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LINQPad and the LINQPad challenge

Check out LINQPad.


In short, it's basically a query tool that targets SQL via the medium of LINQ. I think the LinqPad challenge puts it best:

The LINQPad challenge

"If you think that you understand LINQ or would like to then I invite you to take the LINQPad challenge. The rules are simple:
1. Locate the shortcut for SQL Management Studio on your Start Menu and move it some place else.
2. In its place, insert a shortcut to LINQPad.
3. For the next week, perform all your ad-hoc SQL queries using only LINQPad."

Now I haven't fully embraced the LINQPad challenge because I'm not willing to move my SSMS link but I've certainly entered into the spirit of things and used it for all my adhoc querying for the last 24 hours. Great fun.

I particularly like the options to see results...


.... the equivalent lambda for your query...


... or even the SQL that is generated.


Very nice. Go download

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
8:39 AM
22 Oct 2007

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