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Getting Good at Parallel (with NxtGenUG)

On Thursday last week I presented a session on .NET 4.0’s Task Parallel Library (TPL) for the NxtGenUG Southampton user group. It’s a long way for me (I live in the North West of England) but it’s always worth the trip. I had a lot of fun, enjoyed the (challenging!) questions the audience threw at me and enjoyed the post session beers and discussion. Here’s the slides and demos from the presentation:

During the session there was a veritable stack of ‘what ifs’ we pondered. Some I couldn’t answer because we were running out of time but most, I simply didn’t know. And so I promised to do some further investigation and experimentation and follow up with a blog post or two. This post will serve as the index for a few posts to hopefully close those questions.

The posts:

  1. Getting Good at Parallel: 1 - Cancellation
  2. Coming soon…


Josh Post By Josh Twist
11:45 AM
03 Nov 2010

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