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Generating Xaml on the Server for SilverLight Clients

So, I've been looking at Silverlight a lot recently (I can't believe I started a blog post with 'so') and I can understand why people are getting excited about this technology. Especially, now that it's looking more and more likely that 1.1 will ship with some basic controls and layout. This really could change the world.

However, one aspect I'm less excited about is the generation of Xaml on the server to stream down to the client.


Surely only people too young to remember spending hours creating tables in ASP classic would be excited about this? I can already imagine a suite of Server Controls that generate the Xaml for you. Hey, they could even have viewstate! I'm kidding of course. Given we're entering this world of Rich Internet Applications with a mini-clr at our disposal on the browser, why would we even contemplate this?

Silverlight 1.1 is promised to deliver a whole host of connectivity options including a basic downloader (available in 1.0!) and web service support (SOAP and JSON) coming in 1.1. WCF even makes a guest appearance. So why would I need to be rendering UI on the server?

PS - the final posts in our Feedback for your smartclient series will be coming soon. Promise.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
9:00 AM
17 Aug 2007

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