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Feels like a new day – implementing the MetaWeblog API

I’ve mentioned before that theJoyOfCode.com runs on a bespoke blogging engine. And not because I’m unimpressed or dissatisfied with the myriad alternatives available for free, but simply because it’s a bit of fun trying to keep up with the latest Microsoft bits and pieces. For sometime now I’ve been aware that my blogging productivity has been severely hampered by a lack of tooling. I was using notepad and manually uploading images by hand whilst everybody else was ripping away with tools like Windows Live Writer.

Oh what I’d do to be able to use LiveWriter. I considered just moving the whole thing, lock, stock over to WordPress like everybody else seems to be doing these days but alas, that would pull the opportunity for me to move the engine from Web Forms to MVC. Instead, I thought I’d use the free hours I’ve been given back today by a customer cancellation to implement the MetaWeblog API and, if all went well, I’d be blogging via LiveWriter by the end of the day.

theJoyOfCode.com inside Windows Live Writer 


Thanks to a few excellent blog posts on how to implement the XML RPC based MetaWeblog API:

If all went well you’re reading this - it was posted via Windows Live Writer and Josh is a very happy man. Maybe, just maybe we can up the frequency of posts here again :)


Josh Post By Josh Twist
4:04 PM
24 Aug 2010

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