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Delete records and truncate tables (Day 1)

Today Scott posted about a stack of new improvements to Mobile Services. In fact, there were so many improvements in the latest Azure release that there wasn't room to discuss one of my favorite new features.


If you take a look at any of your Mobile Service tables and navigate to the BROWSE feature you might notice a new button called TRUNCATE. During development of your mobile service (or if you're preparing to give a demo) it's very common that you want to delete all records from one of your Mobile Service tables. That's what TRUNCATE will do, leaving all your scripts and permission settings intact.


Another common thing to want to do during development of your service is to delete a single row. Perhaps your testing your user registration system and want to delete that user or profile record so they go through your registration workflow again. Now, all you have to do is select the row and a DELETE RECORD button will appear. BINGO!

It's a small improvement but makes a big difference.

This post was Day 1 in the series: the twelve days of ZUMO. Join us tomorrow for Day 2 of the twelve days of ZUMO when we'll take a look at another new feature, the scheduler.

Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:40 AM
22 Dec 2012

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