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Copy As Path in Vista

One of my team mates recently put me on to the new Copy As Path feature in the context menu of Windows Vista (cheers Will).

Copy as path in Windows Vista

Sadly, you have to press Shift as you right click to get this item in the context menu but I think it's going to prove incredibly useful nonetheless. I'm all for anything that makes working with files and folders easier. Apparently this was added to make up for the fact that you can no longer drag a file onto a command window in Vista. All in all, I think what we've gained beats what we've lost.

This kind of sums up my Vista experience so far - there's no one thing that makes me love the new platform. It takes a while but you'll eventually find enough little things in Vista that make a difference. It isn't long before the sum of these things make Vista a compelling move.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
9:48 AM
18 Feb 2007

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