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Building Chairs out of Atoms

This week we've been lucky enough to host Glenn Block from the Patterns & Practices team in Redmond, exploring their offerings and diving into their Software Factories and Application Blocks.

Here's Glenn moments after the invention of the View-Behind pattern (long story but not as dodgy as it sounds :)...

Glenn Block invents the View-Behind pattern

A particular highlight of the week was taking a look at the Services Factory V3 (currently under development but should hopefully be released later this year). The biggest difference of this new version is how it uses the DSL tools to create a modelling experience that drives the factory.

This is nicer than using Wizards, but more importantly allows the factory to be re-entrant, meaning you can regenerate from the model without having to delete the generated pieces and start over.

Take a look at the current build over on codeplex, get it installed and have a go at the walkthrough.

Exciting stuff.

I got a new favourite quote out of it too. Glenn described DSL as the opposite of UML: "Building systems with UML can be like building chairs out of atoms".

Thanks for a great week Glenn.

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Josh Post By Josh Twist
2:50 AM
03 Aug 2007

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