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Automatic Class Tester now on Codeplex

My colleague Bruusi has moved the Automatic Class Tester project to codeplex here: Automatic Class Tester.

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We introduced the Class Tester last year with this post: Automatically Unit Test your Model and there was some demand to have the project moved to codeplex. It's been up there since August 10 but we wanted to wait until we'd squeezed a few more features in before making any announcements.

You can read all about the new version of the class tester on the home page of the project wiki:


And the new features in more detail at their respective pages: There's also a list of potential features that you can vote on to decide what you'd like to see included next: http://www.codeplex.com/classtester/WorkItem/List.aspx. Better still, if you'd like to contribute to the project why not contact us with details of what you'd like to add and how it would be implemented.

You can download the latest release (binaries) from the release page on the codeplex site.


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Josh Post By Josh Twist
8:28 AM
04 Jan 2008

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