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AutoExit for Windows Home Server

Big thanks to my colleague Stuart for putting me on this. In my previous post A developer's roundabout way of fixing some issues with a wireless router I mentioned that my next task was to:

"My next 'job' is to create a UI that gets the last DCHP client list from the router and gives me the option of sending the 'magic packet' to the appropriate IP and MAC address to Wake On Lan (WoL) any machine"

AutoExit for Windows Home Server is an add-in for WHS that allows me to do stuff with the machines on my network: shutdown, reboot, hibernate, log off, lock etc.

To support all the functionality you need to install some stuff on to each machine, which I'm not keen to do. However, Some of the features work with just the add-in installed into WHS... including Wake-on-Lan.

AutoExit or Windows Home Server

Done. Nice.

Josh Post By Josh Twist
4:07 AM
24 Jun 2009

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