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A new challenge

Most people interested in software development using Microsoft tools will be aware of a recent re-org at Microsoft – no surprise, churn at a large organization is to be expected and welcomed. As a result some people were moved around the business and I was given the opportunity to try something new. I’d had a lot of fun working with my friends on Workflow but I felt ripe for a new challenge and was particularly excited by the new project – which I’ll talk about in significantly more detail over the next few days.

Best of all, I got to leave Workflow with a little bit of a bang – presenting Building Applications with Workflow and Azure at BUILD 2011. Best of luck to my friends in the WF team!

Now, looking forward I’m jolly (British for super) excited to be working with the WCF RIA Services team – in particular joining their RIA/JS jQuery client effort and looking at how we can build the ultimate end-to-end experience for HTML and JavaScript developers. In particular I’ll be looking at rich HTML applications (think JavaScript heavy and fewer pages) and how they can rock with our end-to-end story including for mobile devices; both mobile web applications and even cross-platform native applications such as those built with frameworks like PhoneGap.

My good buddy Jeff Handley introduced RIA/JS with this blog post a few months back and it’s a great overview: RIA/JS - jQuery client for WCF RIA Services

To add to this I plan to generate a stack of step-by-step screencasts and blog posts very shortly. Stay tuned and come back soon!

Josh Post By Josh Twist
1:49 AM
04 Oct 2011

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Posted by marc @ 04 Oct 2011 7:43 PM
Looking forward to the future posts!

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